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Looking For Honesty And Integrity

Now that's something I have been looking for in a guy. Honesty covers everything. It's easy. Say how you feel, be honest. Say what you mean, be honest. Believe in who you are, be honest. Honesty is just such a refreshing breeze that's always welcomed.

Integrity is just that lost value that society has forgotten about. It looks like a lot of people have lost the definition of this wonderful word.

the best lost value of them all. If there's a guy that has both and actively uses them in his life and has and can be backed up by friends and family with these values then that is a rare man indeed.

Many men had looked at my profile at what I wanted in a guy. They never got it. Ever.
favestril favestril 41-45, F 6 Responses Sep 23, 2011

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sorry not talking about you fave just about how we often send mixed messages

She says I want you to be honest..... and then she says do I look fat???? just saying :-) <br />
<br />
Yes we need to be honest in a loving way.

Apparently, im not one that asks if I look fat. If im asking a guy that im either insecure or want a fight.since im not fat insecure and don't like fighting I dont ask this. I take care of my health.

Hi what a great story , i dont like to praise myself , but i think i fit your story quite well first of all , i believe honesty is the best policy , always have and always will be this way , and integrity is second to none , well anyway nice story and nice meeting you here at ep ! have a great day !...............Peter

I am ME what you see is what you get! I will be there flor you,or anyone else,I will do what I say and above all am Trust worthy and HONEST

I know you are. You have never been anything else. ((hugs)) Haven't seen you on here in awhile either unless I'm always just missing you?

Not on as often its this work thing messes with social life but message me anytime,here for you.

Stop looking and let him find you. There are some men out there and you will be blessed, but live in truth maintain your self-respect and freedom and he will come.<br />
<br />
I waited 40 years.....and he showed up and has made my life (our lives) whole!

I am. I haven't been looking and just realizing that I was going ape **** for awhile there.. not really knowing what direction I was headed in.

I like that Ecstatic... naked mentally. That's very true. But Honesty builds Trust they walk hand in hand with each other.

Cause you're awesome like that. =)