Truth Revealed Through Words

Honesty and Integrity in a person is harder to figure out in the virtual world. Eventually it does get easier to recognize though because so much can be read into a persons true personality through their written words....
I have some Awesome EP Friends!
CuriousAngelina CuriousAngelina 46-50, F 3 Responses Jan 14, 2012

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Awesome :)

I agree. Eyes are an important element. <br />

I agree. Although your unable to observe body language etc. as if in person, eventually the nature of a person comes out over time.

Observing body language does reveal a lot about a person but even with that it can be false at first because we are more conscious of our every move. It's not until we become fully relaxed that the true body language is revealed.
Now the EYES they are a different story! If we could look into each others eyes on EP I suspect much more would be revealed.