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Not always, but habitually I can see straight through most pretenders. I can’t read palms or look into your eyes and tell you all about your future, but, simply give me some time alone with your words, in person or in print and in a brief while, I will see your heart. I’m not talking about making a judgment on your character; I am talking about  possessing a refined sensitivity to the discernment of genuine or fake frames of energy. I’m not alone or even special in this ability, most readers and writers are the same as I, for in order to create or comprehend rich, multi-faceted characters, one must intuit or convey the character or individual’s sincerity…. or lack of it. The more brilliant the individual/character is~ the more powerful are their techniques of illusion. The smart characters that are being less than authentic endear themselves to one in prettier or more creative ways perhaps, but, a keen ear and good common sense over rule even a brilliant liar in person or in print.
I think this is why writing fiction is such a difficult task. Your story can be totally made up, anyone can make up big lies that assemble themselves into a nice story, however, that main character had better have a valid soul that its reader can sense, or the novel will be impotent.
It’s the same way with the “real” people that weave themselves in and out of our lives. They can lie to themselves and to us, but, perceptive people can generally discern reality from trickery when they come face to face with an act of spiritual forgery.
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I pushed something and my comments flew away.....time to go away from here~

Thank you Jenni, I hope this has been a sweet day for you dear one. xx

Yes...exactly....and right now, I am stuck only because I feel as if I am at the point in the manusc<x>ript where I am trespassing on something intimate, breaking some unspoken bond....where my "real" fake characters are concerned, like telling too much about things that I know too much about..although I am encouraged to write the characters that are inspired by these real people, I am getting cold feet, it's like I'm diving into some strange sacred pool that is best left undesturbed, unrippled...I hope this makes some kind of would have to know the people...the bond, the's a conflict that until I work out...I am going nowhere.

Oooo I like this post, although I need to work on my perceptive sense. I think it get better as we grow, rite?

Well, we want to think so, I hope so. Thank you for reading this my dear Charming! :-)

Thanks for your comment Lunavica, I can appreciate what you are saying here. Bright Blessings!

I always say they can pretend all they want, and tell lies all they want, it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt... sometimes you shouldn't even bother warning them, they must experience it themselves, because until they experience the "fraud" and the pain coming with it, they won't take in any warning nor understand what it is all about.