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Give And Take?

Respect covers many domains, and is apparently given and taken away at a whim. My belief is that respect is not something to be earned, but something to be lost.
I respect all races, genders and religeous beliefs and open my arms to them. That is my nature and so is easy to carry. But! . I have been shaken a few times in my long life, and pushed to a point where I could lose control, by people who seem to be ignorant of the thought of respect.
There are some who have lost my respect, lost it never to regain it, saddening me in a way that has no pity but only revulsion.
To the people out there that feel that respect has to be earned, I do feel pity, what has the world done to them, why are they so affraid of others?
I have spoken today to a young woman, she was treated with contempt instead of respect, by a man. How can you respect someone who openly disrespects another?
The test is often presented, but seldom faced.

Ghandi had a good idea, we should take note!!!
uncfred uncfred 56-60, M Jun 18, 2012

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