I do like "I Respect Honesty and Integrity."

I have Honesty but I need Integrity.

Ninety percent of who we are is internal, and only ten percent is outside of us." -- Anonymous

Think of Honesty and Integrity as sisters.   Honesty is truthful and is well respected because she lives truth in her heart and offers it to others without compromise.  Integrity believes in wholeness, goodness, and excellence, and is willing to serve as a praiseworthy example for others.  Both are held in high regard.  Practicing honesty and integrity is a two-fold gift.   The first gift is seeing yourself as honest and having a high level of integrity.   The second gift is offering your honesty and integrity to others.  You become a respected person of integrity when you are unwilling to compromise your values.   Make a list of the times you chose honesty over dishonesty.  Make a list of the times you were proud of your integrity or the integrity of others.


How Well Are You Doing?

  • Do you live your life in an honest and truthful way?
  • Do you share your gifts of honesty and integrity with others?
  • Can you have fun with your friends without compromising your values?


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Yeah. I got that off the net. I think this is very true.


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I'm with sunstone - great post :)