That which has no price

a mans honesty, integrity  his word ..... his name . To a man something which has worth beyond that of gold .

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Thanks for sharing your story. You speak of rare and precious qualities :)

Their are a few of us still out their ...M thanks for you comment

Thank you WA ........

We treat others like we want to be treated!!!! If you want respect, truth and honesty? you have to give it...I totally agree with this post

Ah the guilt of an innocent man Ac .... deemed the worst

guess you missed my point! I was talking about someone who's not a cheater as you say, but someone who's made a mistake but it was not intentional, i.e., wrongly accused without knowing all the facts. OK

A cheata one that cheats ...... ;O)

Yes salar, but not every cat is a cheata. Could be a leopard mistaken for a cheata! Hence we should not pounce too quickly!

A cheeta never changes its spots Ac .....

Runvs~ Perhaps such a person made an unfortunate mistake. Can we not find it in our hearts to forgive someone compassionately! For we all make mistakes, and deserve a second chance. We should never judge a book solely by it's cover, for much lies deeper. We should always reach out to bring out the best in others!!

Bg you keep panning sir one day ....... ;)<br />
<br />
Ac a guiding princebel at least .... :)<br />
<br />
Runvs Nicely summed up you wise ol e owl :)

For it is the building blocks to a life long foundation, cemented between two! Nice post!

Honesty is worth much more than gold.<br />
It sure seems to be rarer than gold these days.<br />
<br />
Side note. : ) I panned some gold a few weeks ago in the N. Georgia mountains. I figure I found about 3 dollars worth. lol

A rule for life Ij .....

Thank you Lv ....

And maybe some women! great words thanks

Thank you ....

You speak the truth solar1.

coundt agrre more Tm ...