I cannot do without Honesty and Integrity in my life, because it leaves out Moral acuity, Principals, and Dignity. All these words could fit under the same definition in a simple world, but we're not so simple! We're a very complex world society attempting to reach a standard that all of us can live with. There has been many positive changes to that standard in the past 200 years, and we must keep raising it if we wish to ever call ourselves ''civilized'' people.

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Woohoo someone values dignity and integrity instead of money. I'm here with you.

it's hard to live up to your standards. but I look up to you. really. You are a pure person. Nice to know I have you as a friend. really.

Well said. I sometimes think as a society we're moving backwards rather than progressing forward.<br />
I'm for anything that encourages placing value on the things in life that are truly important. It isn't our possessions.

People who continue to grouse about the horrors of Hitler's Germany, need to be very careful and examine their own hearts....sadly---because of the human flaw of getting caught up in the emotional manipulation of propagandists and other HATE mongers---what happened in Germany could happen anywhere.....

I like to see those words, "self respect".... for a long time now, I've heard "self esteem" bandied about....words like "dignity" and "modesty" need to be used and understood----valued. One of the problems with words like "modesty"--they've been twisted to have negative meanings---"modesty" has nothing to do with prudishness. "Dignity" and pomposity are complete opposites. The United States is still a great and beautiful country----Greedy, power hungry, war mongers have always created chaos and destruction throughout history---NO MATTER---with courage and hope, mankind can evolve to a respectable and compassionate civilization. One of my grandsons toured Europe a couple of years ago. Some of his ancestors were from Africa. He says that of all the countries in Europe, the one he would choose to live in would be Germany. The people were open minded,dignified and good humored.. He speaks German and is engaged to a girl whose father is from Germany. The planet itself is going through extreme changes---humanity will have to change, adapt and evolve---our survival depends on it. I'm so glad that you are in this world MusicMouse---hugs, gryf

I totally respect your new story, this is important to humanity itself. Where is the dignity? There are so many people suffering indignities, throughout the world, that there has to be a change. Will it be for the better? Your story makes me think hard about this.

We must be vigilant with the advances we do make because it can take decades to achieve something and just a few short years to lose. One of the reasons that Hitler was able to do what he did was because many Germans and the rest of the world could not believe that such a cultured and civilized country would be capable of such barbarity.