Americans Should Respect Their Elders More

I agree.  However, I am disheartened that more Americans do not respect their elders.  We should all be looking forward to getting older, because with age, we all know comes wisdom. 
I look up to some other cultures for the way they treat their elderly.  Conversely, at times, I have been ashamed to be an American for this reason, too.
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3 Responses May 6, 2007

I always have treated the elders with respect. But also with other people. I'm amazed how many of the younger generation was never taught respect or to be courteous with others. Fortunately, there some younger people we can respect.

Emerald, you are absolutely right. Respect should be deserved.

I agree! Mostly. As if it's not bad enough to just be hateful or rude, now there's a rising epidemic of Elderly Abuse! Don't EVEN get me started on this haneous act! But I have been on the flip-side of the "respect" coin, too! Working in the public, I see alot more agressive elderly that think we should "respect" them, reguardless of how they're treating others. I must confess I encountered this with one hateful, sarcastic gentleman, lecturing me to be respectful to my elders( I wasn't even being DISREPECTFUL about anything at the time he commented!). It struck me wrong! I informed him," I'm not respectful according to 'class'. I'm respectful to those that respect me!" Hmmm, I don't think we gee-hawed well after that!! ;)