We Need To Take Care Of Our Elders

I have always good relation with my elders, even better then my relation with my parents. my gram father is very accepting person and I learned a lot from her

This is the first time she is sick and need my help

I actually felt really lucky that I can some how repay her


I also meet to older woman at my university city one is an activist poet

and the other is a woman that was a doctor for a long time but she have no kids

I learn her how to use a computer and she tells me about books

she always tell me how much hope I give her

But the she didn't realize that her kindness and good sprit helped me a lot through the first year of my depression.


There are so many lonely elders that need us and thought we don't always acknowledge that we have a lot to learn from them I hope more people would realize that

Crona Crona
Apr 17, 2010