I have been with my boyfriend for 6 years.....he had 3 kids and I have 3 kids......just a few weeks ago his oldest son past away.I love his kids just like they are my own.We got the phone call and left to where both our kids were.My oldest son was behind my boyfriends son and saw what happened.We raise our kids to treat each other like they are brothers and sisters not step anything.....no we are not married "YET".....but the kids all want us to and we have now decided to.The problem I am having is his family. They do not except my kids or me.....during this hard time  in our life my children were never asked how they were except by us.For years they have had family dinners in which we were invited but my kids were not.To anything!! His parents have even went to his ex's wedding.He keeps saying to be the better person.....We were recently invited to go out to eat and my kids again were not included but his ex wife and her husband  were invited,I now have to explain it to my kids and his why we are not going....we are not included in anything and he wonders why I am done.Am I in the wrong for just not going to anything anymore?? There are alot more instances where we were treated like crap also....this is just 2!!!

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wow i have had bad times with my friends well it was today i was at exdendeday and i was treaded like crap by her she wa bestest friend and know i bet she will say sorry and like i do i be nice but if she does today i will say no way i will say no i am tierd of listening to her problems and i get treated like a pile of crap!!!!!!!