Respect Older People

Old people already have a lot of experience under their belt. While us young people have yet to go to our destination, they are already doing their travel back to home.

I upsets me when I hear someone tell people older than them to "Shut up!" No matter how irritating an old person can be, it is very bad to talk back to them. There is always a perspective old people have that one will never understand until you are old yourself.

Young people have all the time to have fun and make something of themselves. Old people are already tired, bored, relaxed, happy, and yes, sometimes grumpy. But I would like to see it as a privilege old people get because they passed the "wisdom" age (whatever I intended to mean :D).

Always show respect to older people.
mareliberum mareliberum
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Since I am 65 but I resemble only one those adjectives; happy. Will admit that many of my peers resemble them all. Always get less than 6 hours sleep because I want to be at the fitness center when it opens at 5. Ride my bike over 7,000 miles a year and normally run 2,000 miles a year, and I am not called climber for nothing. Life has treated me much too good to be grumpy. I say all this so you know there is hope for a wonderful active life past 30. :)
Really appreciate the message you were sending though. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.