Its Not Making Sense To Me

I am a highly firm believer in the Holy Bible, I am not pushing my belifes on anyone at any time, but I just do not get it when it comes to seeing people who are vagens or veggertarine eaters. Growing up I have been told and have read the Bible and I know and believe for a fact, that my higher powers created animals to be eaten, not to be worshiped, but my higher powers have gave me animals to be eaten, like wild game and stuff. I know this is a free country to do as u like and say or blieve, but how could some people go against what God has gave us as a blessing and that is certian animals to eat like: deer, fish, cows, pigs, & etc. Do not get me wrong I love animals to but some are meant to be eaten and not kept as pets, like the old saying goes there is place and a time for everything, and to me in my opion and my believes some aniamls are meant to be raised and eaten as meat, while others are meant to be raised as pets only! I am an open person, but to me if it wasen't for famers who raise cattle or pigs or chickens like they do than how are we to have food, if it wasen't for coal minners than how are we to have electircy, if it weren't for our soilders in the states or overseas than how would be able to be free and have the freedom of speach and relgion, it weren't for cops than how would we be able to keep our nebjorhoods and children plus our homes and our selfs safe, if it weren't for so many things we wouldn't have anything, but too me most imporant as a christrian if it weren't for God's Son our Savior than how would there be anything here on Earth or anything alieve for that matter? I just do not get it when it comes to people refusing to eat meat, I mean  I understand if u have or blieve another type of ur own personal relgion, but still its confusing to me, as I said growing up God created some animals to be eaten for meat and for food!
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Yep, just trying to help.

ty BBUDS at least u can understand a little where I am trying to undstand other views without seeming like I am hurting others feelings, ty again for ur support and ur opion :}

Long ago, people ate meat if all they could find was animals. They lived off of meat. But, then again, they did the work that is put into killing it. Some people are probably vegetarians because they want to be healthier. People aren't as active today as they once were. Animals contain fat. So, they eat vegetables to be as fit as they can be.