I Cried

I don't know the meaning of love because from my childhood i don't know my parents love, they got divorce in 1992. I spend every moment in hostel, along with friends. In that moment here in india we celebrate festivals in very special manner. even in that moment also nobody came to me, at last all of my friends went to their house expect ME and sweepers, principal. i cried and cried no is their to control me. Even now i never forget that moment.

parents please take care about your childern
spienee spienee
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

No child will suffer this in future... all because of this stupid marriage culture that got infused into humanity ages ago.. creating an irresponsible entity by name of parents.

Even now iam feeling lonely

these are few lessons which life keep on giving u..........
there's nothing to feel bad about

of course, you are right