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In the first half of last season, "Marca" claimed Puyol had to consider the end of his international career after the World Cup. In today accepted an exclusive interview with Radio Marca, Barcelona captain confirmed the statement: "This will be my last World Cup, but I still like the debut when it was full of enthusiasm and motivation."


Puyol will quit the Spanish national team

In addition to outside Puyol, Marchena are also likely to exit the Spanish team because of their age. Once the two main 08 European Cup halfback partner both bid farewell to the Spanish matador Legion, the Spanish team in the halfback line will be Home Alone. Peak has become a main absolute, Albiol is likely composed defender with his partner. Bosque Another option is to change the play defender Ramos, on the right is reserved Abeiluoe.


After the site can play a position Ramos, Puyol is considered one of the successors. When asked, "Is it possible to join Barcelona Ramos" when Puyol joked: "I will work hard to get him to Barcelona, but I know that Real Madrid do not let him slip away."

"Luckily, I won everything with Barcelona, in Spain, I also won the European Cup." Puyol continued, "I think the feeling of lifting the World Cup and European Cup summit should be about, because when the team wins , you will pay for their own efforts and feel happy and fulfilled. "


Spain will play in the first round group match against Switzerland, Carles Puyol on the game full of confidence: "The first game is always important, because it can bring us spiritual stability. We have stayed in South Africa a long time, we await the arrival of this day, we will strive to play well this game and get three points. I do not know Iniesta can play, but I hope he can because he is a very great player . If a player is one of the world's best, then he can change the game. "
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Aug 18, 2014