The Boss

Whenever I meet someone new, I always show them the utmost respect. When I was hired for my current job, I was respectful toward my manager and my co-workers. I was brought on to supervise a group of four people. All was going well until I did something that upset my manager. It didn't take long for my manager to show me his true nature. He didn't give me a chance. He announced he made someone else supervisor without telling me first. He didn't show me the respect to take me aside and discuss the matter, but took matters into his own hands. His blatant disrespect toward me brought about a mutual disrespect.

I am sure most people respect their bosses when they start a new job. I'm sure many people get upset with their boss for one reason or another. Some people will lose this respect eventually while others will always respect their boss. In my case, I immediately lost all respect. This is just my nature.

I also believe that what is lost can always be found. In other words, if you lose my respect, apologies and reconciliation over a period of time can go a long way.

Wemiva Wemiva
36-40, M
1 Response May 17, 2007

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