Respect Is The Most Important Human Emotion.

when you respect someone it automatically puts your relationship on a higher  level.  if no one respected each other we would be a lot more destructive than we already are and the world would be doomed for sure.  i think that if we all respected each other we could end all the wars and understand each other better.  its too bad we don't respect each other more.  i used to laugh at rodney dangerfield  when he always joked that  he got no respect but i really respected him for his humour.  a lot of people don't respect people who have disabilities because they believe that people with disabilities are losers.  its hard for people with disabilities to fight this kind of thinking because it is logical.  we are losers but why put down losers?  a  good sport who is a winner might help a loser to give them another chance if all people could feel some respect for losers too.

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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

respecting others is respecting yourself being from the same species and living in the same world! not respecting others is a failure!

youre right. people are swayed by what others do. if you dont respect others it makes it more likely to be you getting disrespected some time.

I definitely agree. Everyone has some admirable quality about them that deserves respect even though we might not see it right away or look closely enough. And above that, I believe everyone deserves a basic level of respect.

thanks for popping in with your comment. i like it.

True said my friend..I think respect for ourselves guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.....God bless you...:)