Its Simple

To me, respecting a woman comes easy.  However, on a daily basis I see men that have lost or never known the basics for being a gentleman.  As recently as this past weekend, I had the honor of taking an all around beautiful woman out to see a show.  And I was too happy to open doors, hold a chair out, offer to and get up and get her something to drink, etc. 
I wasn’t really surprised when she told me that no one has ever done that for her, but find it sad.  Why, I wonder because being respectful is so easy and shows her that you care.  And flowers I’m not even sure anyone has ever brought her flowers, not all the time, but when she would least expect it.  It really is the little things that will brighten up a woman’s day.  Not to mention it’s a great feeling to just see a smile because you make her happy.
By being respectful, should a man expect anything in return?  No, being respectful is simply the right thing to do.
To the woman, you know who you are…I hope I gave you a glimpse of how you should be treated and respected, never settle for anything less.
If any woman is not getting the respect they deserve than they are with the wrong person.
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

there are very few men out there like you congrad for being a gentleman