Craigslist Hookup

i look at craigslist in fayetteville, nc a few times a week. i look at all the casual encounter ads that are looking for a male. i don't care who made the post women, men, CDs or TVs i want someone to make me *** and that will let me do to them what the wife won't let me do to her or what she won't do to me.

i found this black guy who wanted to try anal and could host. we went throught the initial email swap and i got his address and went over on after work for a quickie. he was a good looking and very fit, the ACU jacket over the chair told me why, he was a soldier.

he lead me to his bedroom and started to get undress as he told me he's kind of new to this. as i got undressed he laid on the bed. i crawled into bed and we both started to kiss and caress each other. he placed his hand on my head and started to push it towards his hard ****. i started sucking and listen to his moans as my tognue teased the head. he came in my mouth and i swallowed gladly, i realy didn't need him to tell me to.

he started sucking my ****, i started to doubt how new to this he was, because he was making me *** and swallowing in no time. he moved up my body until he was kneeling between my legs his **** hard again andresting against my spent ****. he reached into his nightstand and pulled out a rubber and put it on. i knew he was no stranger to anal ateast being top.

he slid his **** in and stroking it in and out kissing my neck, he whispered into my ear that my body felt so good and during moans would nibble on my ear. he whisper to me comeon cindy rollover. cindy? girlfriend? wife? i didn't care i was getting what i wanted and he was too.

i whispered ok and he pulled and wanted for me to get my *** up. it was like a lightswitch when he shoved his **** in. the gentle guy was gone and in his place was this sex crazed animal. he was pounding my *** saying this like thats it *****, i knew you wanted it. smacking my ***. i was growing hard again. he continued his anal assault which made me *** in no time. he told me he was going to ***, well he said get ready to swallow you little *****. he shoved me down and told me to start sucking. i rolled over and found he had taken off the condum and was ready, so i started sucking like the cumslut i am.

he laid down to get cumfortable as i worked his ****. there was that lightswitch again he was gently stroking the top of my head thats it cindy oh yeah i'm gonna , i'm gonna he gasped and shoot his load. i swallowed and kept sucking as he grrew soft .

we both laid there, his phone ringing broke the moment, i heard him say hi cindy, i was just thiinking about you. as i gathered my clothes and went into the bathroom to clean up.

i've met afew people to hookup with, but so far no ladiies, well i'll just keep trying.
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You are a sick homo. Hope your wife finds out and takes you for all you're worth.