What I Mean By "Re-thinking"

ever since i could remember, my brain has always replayed situations over and over. like at the end of the day  everything that happened is starting over from the beginning. some things stick out and really bug me, so much so that my stomach is nausious, or i cant sleep because i feel so anxious. it usually takes me about 2 hours to go to sleep.

whenevery i go to physically do something, my brain rethinks it, so much so that i stop and stare for a few seconds, not in a slow sense, more like everything has to be analized,then its like a stern voice in my head saying you cant or dont do that.  idont want to make my self look stupid, but endup doing it anyway, because of this strong impulse to rethink.

Veelah Veelah
Mar 27, 2009