Simple. True. Biscuits.

So yea, the experience title is short and simple for a reason. Truth at a basic level. I retreat. When there's an issue, I avoid it; if there's a problem, i get out the way; if I think someones'a get at me; I hide off somewhere.

You could tell. It's quite obvious, if you stopped to think really. What I hope for is that whoever assigned me my task will forget they told me to do it, and when they remember, it'll be far too late to do anything about it.

Couple of examples i suppose. Like y'no, how you write essays or what have you 'PQC' point quote commmment. Replace quote with anecdote. Unfunny anecdote. PAC.

I was on work experience, a few years ago, at a magazine. I also have a problem with phones. Though I'm even worse in human contact. Anyway. So, my uncle tells me, Yo, ring this jerk about this flower ****. Brown Orchids or some bullshit. I have a feriend who loves this story. Though it is simple and sad. So I'm meant to be doing it for this lady, she was a *****. Luckily she went on a journo course for most the week. She probably needed it. And yea, it gets to like half four, then suddenly she's all, have you rang those people? and i'm like... Oh, err no. Feign embarassment and shock, feign forgetfulness. I hadn't forgotten, I just hadn't done it.

During the summer, I spent almost all my time half-attempting to engineer a Uni transfer. After I first emailed the unis, I didn't check my emails for a week. When I saw a response email, I didn't open that for another week. I didn't reply for another two weeks. To up the hilarity, she never replied. So I rang her every day for a month. Showed her.

Yea it's confusing.

I'm always retreating when my mum asks me to do ****. She's started to notice. If my plan is noticed, it'll get way worse. Maybe it's like addiction, like one of the signs is how you start hiding whatever you're addicted to around the house, cos of guilt and shame whatever. And 'm hiding myself. From everything.

I wish I still could. I cannot. So... sigh... I must grow up. I hate age.

Can't I just play my PS2?

thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
Sep 26, 2009