I'm A Late Bloomer...

I did well at school, but never had the opportunity to study once I left school. I had to get married, and then the kids just used up all the energy and resources that was available. When I was 34 I started studying part- time for my Diploma. I finished that now I am upgrading this to a degree.

If I knew how much fun this was going to be, and how much fulfillment I would get from it, I assure you I would have done this twenty years ago. Now I am addicted to studying. I will finish the last four modules for the Degree this year. I cannot wait to graduate!

I am already looking into possible courses I could take once I am done with this one. There is a beautiful one tugging at my heart. It is four year correspondence degree in Languages majoring in Creative writing. My eyes go all teary just thinking about it.

This has been the best decision of my life!
Grieta Grieta
41-45, F
3 Responses Jan 4, 2011

I always have respect for people who come back to college and want to achieve. May I ask what you're majoring in? I feel the same way, my major is psychology and mental health. I do get peace and feel better about myself after studying and gaining knowledge that may change my life in a way. I have been getting bad grades because a lot of emotional problems in life, but I'm determined to stick to it. Good for you, I'm proud. It is fufilling

Thank you everyone. Our new modules starts end of February. Once I finish these I might go for the Honor and Masters... who knows?

We'll wait four years and go to the commencement ! <br />
<br />
LOADS of support and respect to you :)