I Have Chronic Progressive Ms.

This was very interesting to read. I will have to note down what you have said before I see my neurologist. Thank you for sharing this.
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1 Response Jan 2, 2007

Î too have been DX with chronic progressive MS, but l see no story of how you cured yourself. If there is one please tell me where to find it. All l have now is this tablet and have been trying to read everything about chronic progressive MS and anything hopeful to feel alive again, l am not ready to give up but it is a lonely search that l started. I am a widow and live alone with my best conpanioin. Peanut is my therapy dog l rescued from the dog pond...she and a scooter help me stay as independent as possible...she keeps me sane as well. Please let me know how you got better. Thank You, Phylliß J.