My Yamaha Magesty

I have had the Magesty for about 15 months, It now has 12 k miles on it. I got it for the 50 mile round trip for work. I also drive a 2500 HD Duramax diesel that get 16 miles per gallon. So I'm just about paying for the bike with the saving on the fuel cost. I was a health care worker including covering the er. I swore I would not own or ride a motorcycle. But being practical, I changed my mind. So this is not a weekend toy. I will ride if the temp is > 28, fog visibility >500 feet, not raining in the morning when I take off. I take the truck on those days, or when I have to carry something large. I have carried a 50 sack of oat seeds on though.
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51-55, M
1 Response Mar 26, 2012

No Billy, if I wear any special cloths while riding I'm too afraid of being in an accident and having to explain the diaper.