I have a horse named Butters and she is a silver buckskin paso type mustang mare. I acquired her when she was 2 from a neighbor who was going through hard times. I actually traded a dog for her. I didn't realize then how much she would mean to me then because she was like a little scrub pony and I was used to riding my Appendix Quarter Horse that was about the nicest horse I had ever owned. I just felt sorry for her was all and figured she would be an easy keeper and fun for the kids to ride. Now 5 years later she is the only horse I ride and she turned out to be gated and super easy to train. I like to ride her bareback and have her take me to the riverbed by my house. She is excited to see me every morning and nods her head as if to say hi. She is an awesome horse and I am lucky to have her.
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Wonderful... do you keep her in your backyard ?