Schooling Shows & My Proudest Moment--i Was Always Frustrated

Its funny I rode in countless english w/t classes and never enjoyed it because I had been riding for so long and felt I could do better than always getting sixth place. w/t/c I had a little more fun but still, I never got high marks no matter what horse I was on. My first jumping class, I got disqualified for going the wrong way and the horse bucked over the last jump. In my last w/t division, I entered the adult w/t class and got first place twice. Then I got the reserve champion ribbon, the only person who beat me in the adult w/t division was a guy on a young horse who appeared to be a trainer. But by then I was already jumping and starting to learn about dressage. My proudest moment wasn't even at a show but people were cheering. It was the end of a trail ride and I was riding a thoroughbred that I had been working with for the past 2 years. No one else was riding him but me. I loved this horse, I'd ridden thoroughbreds before but this guy had character, flirted with the mares, liked to play (backyard OTTB, spoiled, unrideable by amateurs), he was smart and always paying attention to his surroundings and if he didn't have osselets he would've been a great eventing horse. We came to a large flat field in the campground that didn't have any holes in it. I knew he still had energy left and he wasn't sweating much so I took the lead in the field and told him to canter once we trotted around one time (so he would know we were staying in the field) at first he was going his usual pace but then I said, come on Secret, lets leave em in the dust and I leaned slightly forward. I knew he was listening because he put one ear back. Then both his ears pricked straight forward and he leaped into a faster gait, still balanced and not leaning in on the turns. Some people in a camp site nearby started going, whooo!! All my proudest moments were on that horse. I trained him up to training level in dressage. I have the best picture of me riding and its on him, in the warm up ring of course after getting kicked out of a schooling class. He wasn't good with too many other horses in front of him or too close to him in a riding ring. On trail rides he would be fine with lots of other horses.
AWierdGirl AWierdGirl
26-30, F
May 7, 2012