I Miss Riding

Such a big part of my life and so expensive. I could never afford my own horse but I used my savings account to go to schooling shows and rode since I was 10. I ride english. Now Im 26 and I have shown in dressage up to training level and jumped 2'6 in lessons a few times. At this point my dream of training and caring for my own horse is fadeing. I haven't ridden in months except for a few rides on a western horse. I keep having dreams about horses and being at the barn. I wish I had a group of girls to ride with who weren't beginners. Im facebook friends with a girl I knew from years ago who rode better than me but now I've taken leaps and bounds forward in my horsemanship skills and would like to go riding with her. She still rides better than me but we could go on a trail ride over jumps and everything. I was always better at trail than the other girls. But shes friends with another girl I hate so they never talk to me. Its so annoying, they're both rich. She now owns several horses and never talks to me. Actually, it seems like she has my ideal life. She's working with horses, she has horses and even though I hate Petco, I wouldn't mind showing off my talent there as a groomer. She works at Petco. She friended me on facebook so I accepted the request. That was about 2 yrs. ago. Theres another girl we both knew who also friended me and never talks to me. We never see each other outside of facebook but its ridicules that they friended me and never talk to me. I almost want to just delete my whole page. 
     But enough about her. What I miss about riding is that feeling of accomplishment. I've leased a few horses and rode others for free. My aunt also has horses. Its like everyday I ride is almost always a good day even if I get frustrated or even if things don't go as planned. I like just being around them. Sometimes I want to work my as* off mucking, sweeping, cleaning buckets and feeding just to spend some time at the barn and get exercise while communicating with the horses whille I work. Most of the time while working at a barn I'd have to keep my eye on them or rotate the turn out. I'm always watching them to see what they're doing, even when they're in the barn. I think the whole parelli method is silly. Its a good way for beginners to start understanding horses but its methods aren't the best. Especially the whole horse trailer loading method. Have you ever ridden inside a horse trailer with the horses? I have. Its not so bad but when they get bored they start biting each other over the divider and they brace really hard everytime the trailer slows down no matter how slow the stop is. I think the scary part is just the sound of the wind but it would be too hot without open windows and an opening at the back. I think the horses that are terrified of the trailer have had a particular bad experience in there. Maybe with the hay net or something poked them or something fell over or they got beat up because they were put next to an incompatable horse. I think all it takes is a bucket of something they like to eat inside the trailer with their stable mate and a person who knows horse talk and how and when to tell them they have to go in there. If a horse is half way in and then runs back out, he'll do it again. He's not scared, now he's just playing games with you. I think the main reason some horse don't like trailers is just because its boring in there and they don't know how long the trip is going to be. These types usually refuse to load before a trip but walk in fine on the way home. All ex-race horses I've ever met load into a trailer no problem.
AWierdGirl AWierdGirl
26-30, F
May 19, 2012