Major Stress Relief

As most of u know this week hasnt been a good week for me ive been lied to and hurt. So today i went to ride my horse carmel, and it was fun! As i rode carmel all the bs and stress of this site made me forget it all. I felt relieved to be on her and she enjoyed it to. Thanks carmel
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I feel the same way when i ride my horse, its the best feeling in the world. Nothing can top it.


well Sam if you want to do pranks talk to bullgirl104 (Lexi ) she well tell you some good pranks. And why did this site cause you stress

pple lied and faked their death

well thats not Lexi she is just friends with those people I have know her for a year she is alright. she a good kid

i wasnt talkin bout her though

O sorry you were talking about people causing you stress and they faked there deaths well Sam you do not need those people. they do not care for you because if they did they would not have done that. And they did that to Lexi to

ugh fudge monkeys

Well Lexi love's horse and her dog Sandy it was her b day yesterday

okay what does fudge monkeys mean

lol i dont cuss that much

well I would say that's pretty good for not cussing that was not one swear word there

yea i try to watch who i talk to im wild but im from the south so i got a lil respect in me

well I would say that works both ways no if you want people to respect you then you should respect people. And would you mind telling me the story about the fake death.

yea hold on ill add u

okay thanks

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I am really in agreement with your story here. I am Olga and Kat's 15 year old brother and I am not perverted. Please add me. I love riding Lori's horses when they let me. It is pretty exciting. Ricky

Yep riding helps clear my mind when i am stressed out too =)

hey will u add me?

yea love my carmel

Sounds like she is a mighty fine horse and a great companion for you. It is good to have something you love to do whether it is riding a horse, playing the guitar or any other enjoyable thing in troubled times. Glad that relieves your stress. :-) Olga