Major Stress Relief

As most of u know this week hasnt been a good week for me ive been lied to and hurt. So today i went to ride my horse carmel, and it was fun! As i rode carmel all the bs and stress of this site made me forget it all. I felt relieved to be on her and she enjoyed it to. Thanks carmel
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5 Responses Jun 11, 2012

I feel the same way when i ride my horse, its the best feeling in the world. Nothing can top it.


I am really in agreement with your story here. I am Olga and Kat's 15 year old brother and I am not perverted. Please add me. I love riding Lori's horses when they let me. It is pretty exciting. Ricky

Yep riding helps clear my mind when i am stressed out too =)

hey will u add me?

yea love my carmel

Sounds like she is a mighty fine horse and a great companion for you. It is good to have something you love to do whether it is riding a horse, playing the guitar or any other enjoyable thing in troubled times. Glad that relieves your stress. :-) Olga