I Love Having Someone to Ride With

besides how i feel for bikes themselves and the ride, it sure has brought me out into contact with other of the same passion and urges for excitement. i enjoy the freedome people feel to just come up and say hi; it is such a good ice breaker to all different kinds of equally interesting people. it's been a while riding with a person on the back, my ex-gf wasn't into riding with me. i miss having someone to ride with, it has been a long while.
RealMe RealMe
26-30, M
3 Responses Oct 30, 2006

My kids where the best pillion passenger i ever took riding with me.

What is on your mind when you ride?

I love riding on the back of a bike with a man! I dream of one day owning my own sportster with a nice, fluffly touring seat and a cute, little windshield....I want to just roam about across the country and pop a tent wherever....really experience freedom.... Hopefully, I won't be too much older by the time it's possible....I already need the sissy seat and windshield!! I miss riding and like reading how much you appreciate it.