On the Topic of Loneliness And Bikes

for guys and girls - ever took a long ride before - on the back or as the pilot or just alone? the wind and hum blurs into a sereness that after a short while you feel in bliss, but just as a mute and blind, like a fetus happy in the womb. all there is is focus on the next couple of inches of pavement infront of you. like a spaceman in a suit, comfortable but over protected and separated from the rest of humanity, even (and especially) from the other person on the machine. and at the end of the ride all there is, is the streaked memories of experiences of roadsides scenes, scares of unexpected tightening corners, and shots of adrenaline followed by dopamine. as i'm stuck in my cube at the moment, this is as far as i can recall the experience and feelings, which really are just bare bones of what the experience itself could do for you.
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Riding is a fun way of escaping everything. I started riding a dirt bike early 20's. I just took off on my brothers 125 yamaha one day with nobody knowing and had a blast . Then I am guilty of doing the same with my son and his friends bikes later in life. <br />
Have done lots of highway travel as passenger on big bikes. Loved everything about it.<br />
But I had a secret fantasy to have my own Harley when I was 30. But now comfort is most important to me. lol

Take photos of your bikes and even the rides you go on. Memories fade but pictures bring quite a lot back!

i ride alone... feels awesome

I have ridden thousands of miles by myself, no radio, no GPS, I enjoy the solotude. Sometimes one riding buddy as I don't care to ride in a large group.

my best friend, my wife, left this past spring and the only thing that kept me sane for a few months was riding and not thinking just riding. we are still apart but have shared a few rides since then, she on her bike me on mine, and i think that is what has kept our communication open. over 5000 miles since march, no no typo, thoughts?

well you don't spend quality time with someone over a lot of years and remember just the bad and yes riding a bike is in a sense running away, or coming closer to yourself. and a friend is always a friend whatever comes. to forget is a crime to treasure what was a blessing. people do grow apart but that does not mean they have to become enemies. just riding calms the soul

its been a long time since ive been back on here but this one rang a bell. i wrote this in 2006 and can not even rememeber what i wrote. but what you mentioned is how it was for a couple years afterwards. funny how human nature repeats regardless of time, place, culture... thank you for your valuable thoughts!

You have good description of what I can't explain! That's EXACTLY the way riding feels. :) <br />
Right now I am feeling like I wanna run away but the only thing keeping me here is my daughter. Do you ever feel like that ?