Sometimes I Coast Down Aisles...

I'm a grown woman and shouldn't do this. But...I also have a childside. So I take one foot and push push push until I get some momentum and coast. Kind of like skateboarding but...not.

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2 Responses Jan 6, 2012

No pain to have joy and some jokes time to time. I've also do this 'gag'

Are there people that don't do this?

Yeah at 4am in 24 hour Tesco's !1 Normally after they come out of the clubs. Or just some of us do it for a laugh just to laugh at the reactions of the security guards & shelf stacker's. If you do it in littlehampton start going round a few isles and have a mate do it other way so you meet every couple of turns The secuirty follow u about make sur e you dont steal anything!! They also do it if you wander round like that with a mate going isle to isle meeting every few. This confuses them there like **** whos got what down what did they come in with that?best folllow get closer look he he funny