Riding a Bicycle Naked

I riding a bicycle naked is a memorable experience.  I used to live in the country.  When night came and the full moon was out, I would ride up the road and enjoy the night air.  It was a sneaky feeling to ride down the road and into a large field.  Only wish I could have had a friend to ride with me and share the experience with me.

The full moon made it almost like daylight.  I could see quite clearly everything around me.  The only drawback was my dog who liked to run along with me and bark.  Afraid she would draw attention to me, I put her in the house the next time I went riding. 

johnjacobean johnjacobean
61-65, M
2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

wish i could go with you.

nakedrhode, you found me on here. What a guy!