The Wind In My Hair

And I don't just mean the hair on my head. I do everything I can naked, and riding my bicycle is no exception. I love to coast down hills and let the breezes fluff my bush. Getting back up is less fun, but still, out in the fresh air with nothing in the way, I feel so free and natural.

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7 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I drive naked a lot, and I've walked down my neighborhood street naked after dark, but I'v never tried the bicycle. Sounds very interesting.

It might sound contradictory at first, but riding a bike naked in the daylight is the best. You can see the beautiful countryside and you can see who else is around you.<br />
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Most people either don't mind or can't be bothered to do much about it so just enjoy the natural beauty of it all.

It might be a good way to enjoy bicycle riding by selecting a country road and ride after midnight. Ride with a buddy and wear a simple cover like a wrap around skirt with a Velcro closure, so you can disrobe and rerobe (sp?) quickly. You may not be bothered at all after midnight, since most people sleep at that time.<br />
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The simple pleasure of the ride is really worth it. Of course, you may have to get a wider bicycle seat and put it on. And a bicycle light is a necessity unless the moon is full!<br />
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I used to live outside the city and be able to ride on the country roads. It was such a wonderful feeling! Had to do it alone, because I was separated, but it was such a thrill.

See the pics in my profile.<br />
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One thing I want to ask you.Does the seat of bicycle helps or causes hinderance?How?

I can imagine you as a new Godiva riding her ... bike

It's all in knowing where to go to avoid being seen. I have a lot more freedom to ride through narrower spaces than car can fit.

I see you haven't changed a bit! I remember when you used to ride that bike over to my house. I doubt that will ever happen again, since you moved 200 miles away.