Ripped Panties

Ok so I have ripped my panties many times do to wedgies so I will just tell you guys about the first time.

So my friends jaden and Madison were sleeping over at my house and we were all giving each other Wedgies. I had just finished giving jaden a wedgie so I told her to give me a wedgie. So I earlier I decided to show off my favorite panties. They where dark pink with sparkles. So anyway she grabbed my waistband of my panties and she pulled very hard. She lifted me up for a second then I ended up on the ground but she still had my panties so she kept pulling. Then After about five minutes I asked her to please let go and for some reason that made Madison want to come in and help jaden with the wedgie so they pulled me off the ground so I guess it was a hanging wedgie. So after about 10 seconds of screaming and hanging my panties started to rip so they started bouncing me until they ripped my panties right off of me! I was kinda mad because my favorite panties ripped. So I just put on another pair of panties and we had a fun night of giving and receiving Wedgies!
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1 Response Jan 21, 2013

Sounds like a fun night :) wish i could hve a night like that