My Wet Saree Experience..:)

I got an wonderful response for my nighty experience..thanks for that response friends...I hope you ll also response well to my this experience and support me...

The idea for this experience was given by my friends i.e. studguru and alpha...hope you friends after reading this ll suggest me some more idea which I would try and share my experience wit you...

It was on evening..according to idea I had to wear a white cotton saree. But I didn't had any white saree so I took the black saree which I wore in my photo which I uploaded :)

It was on evening and also a holiday that day so my stepson started to ask me for milk..I said ok and I removed my bra and blouse only but not saree..then again according to idea I poured a bucket full of water on myself for some kick.;)

I was shivering a lot due to cold water and my nipple were fully erect and hard due to cold.. I then went to my room and layed down on my bed wit my head resting on wall..then my stepson followed me and asked whether he could suck me or no?? I said ok but wit one condition that is he should suck from my Saree itself...

My stepson said to remove the Saree completely to suck but I didn't agree so he agree to suck according to the body was shivering due to cold and my speech was also shivering.. I then sat and asked my nephew to sleep on my lap..My Saree was fully wet..

My stepson then started to suck my nipple which was hard due to cold water.. milk started to come out of my nipple but instead of going into my stepson's mouth it was spreading over my dress around I don't know why.. my milk was warm and was giving me heat and relieving me from cold & shivering. It was wonderful experience but milk was wasting.

Most of my milk was getting absorbed by my saree only and my stepson was getting little milk so stepson started to bite my hard nipple so as to get more milk . It started to pain me but due to warm and cold effect which I was getting from my milk and water i didn't felt that much pain so I didn't bothered him much and allowed him..

For about twenty min he was sucking my one breast then I asked him to suck my other breast. He then moved forward and started sucking my other breast. Same happened and milk was getting absorbed by my saree and I was giving me warm-cold effect. My stepson again started to bite my nipple but still more milk were getting absorbed and was being wasted. My stepson took about half hour to empty my other breast .

After I finished breastfeeding him then milk was all around my body and on my stomach . It was bit dirty as milk was also poured on the bed also. So after feeding him I went to bathroom , had a nice bath and got myself clean.

It was the new experience and good one but my milk got wasted lot. I'm sure my stepson didn't liked it lot cos he was getting milk wit difficulty.

For me this experience was both good and bad. Good because it was giving me both warm effect and also cold effect at same time which was very different & enjoying for me. BAD because most of my milk was wasted .

This was my other nice experience which I shared wit you by the idea given by my friends.

Hope you liked this. You can also suggest any idea I can try like this. If I like the idea means I'll surely do it and share my experience wit you ok..




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The half milk is not wasted. By twisting that saree you could have get some milk for Shreyash.

sexy idea! i get your idea of feeding through the saree! but feeding naked would have been good! anyway i am so turned on by the wet saree idea that i can do anything to get that experience!

Mja aa gaya riya....
Kash ke mai chusta tumahari boobs

Beautiful and most sexy, I love this woman...........She is soooo full of adventure and not afraid to expand her sexual experiences, my kind of sensual and erotic woman.

very nice story. i would love to latch on your lovely breasts even if you leave the saree on

Wow I am thirsty now. I need your milk now!! I don't bite though, I nibble the nipple : )

did not like it that much


I like thy experience like anything,my respected

it did not appeal to me that much and normally while reading your story i feel like taking your breast and sucking it and i replace myself with your step son but this time i did not had such feeling and more over i was imagining the taste of sharee and uncomfortable act of having your sharee in my mouth which is wet with milk and that was not comfortable

thx for sharing... did you ever feed him when he was naked?


Great storey, ill have to think of something for you to try.

I like your experiences of feeding your stepson. Would you ever consider feeding someone else if they wanted to suck your full breasts?

Very sensual, though I agree that it's too unfortunate that most of your milk would've gone to waste. This should be far more than merely an "idea". It should really happen, and fairly often, perhaps not as much with the part where you're shivering cold.

As long as you both enjoyed the experience it was a good one. Another great tale!

Hey Riya why dont you also try another idea such as "show feeding" would be like asking ur son which breast of your's he likes to suckle the most and then slowly unhook ur blouse or top (should have front opening buttons) and tease him a little from his close visual distance.... by exposing the opposite boob then the one he asked for.... and then tease him a little more by cupping the breast he asked with ur palm....and then open the one he actually asked for by making both ur breasts available for him to gaze on..... stark naked....which would make him smile and make him wild to reach out to them and he would come rushing to chew ur nipple of his choice and suckle your tender breast to drain it off its milk down his throat...before that happens...(now the next part of show feeding) take him next to a window where u feel u can sit and feed him and from where u know u can see the traffic or people moving in front...yet they r unable to make out the mother son milk sharing love.....this will certainly turn u on to feed him better with added passion and if someone would be fun for u...that he saw..and will feel a mother is feeding her little son...but you will smile in turn in your mind that he is my grown up son...whom even you long to feed him anywhere, anytime....i think u can try this it would be fun....i have got many more ideas for u in my kitty..will keep sharing with u ..and just wanna thank u for liking my suggestion and for ur update jus wanna know where u belong to in India, for ur update i am from Bangalore..... before i end i knew ur profile pic is not u..... but to see u now in person makes me smile as i see a gem like beauty twinkling out of her black saree ...sure u r gorgeous.....:)

thnks for idea...i will try it surely

I liked this storie Riya , try this one it's about the same. Wear only your sheer black saree, nothing under it walk away from your home till you find a way to get wet, wet yourself all over then squeeze your nipples till a big milk stain apearse then walk home slowly with your arms at your side. Don't stop and don't let on that you know peaple can see through your saree or that you know there is milk coming from your breasts. Kisses Lacie.

i know this experience of mine is not that good but if u like means comment it ok..

Life is one big learning everyday something new and different. We learn as we try new things. You tried something new and the experience was different, and that is okay. You are trying to make the nursing experience with your stepson special and try different things. Remember this is about you mostly since it is your body. You have allowed your stepson to partake a t a very special intimate experience. Wondering if you have asked him what he feels when he is nursing or what he thinks about it in general. About you and the whole experience.

The idea seems different but beats the effect of feeding. It does n ot have a physical contact of the lips on the breast so the excitement reduces and it is only the mechanical exercise of milk being sucked out and wasted. You could have expressed your milk otherwise even...

Hey Riya..thanks a lot for giving the credit....I truly appreciate that...and as far as the experience goes I am happy for you that u tried and had a fair bit of pleasure apart from the milk which got wasted..but thats fine as ur udders will again be full in no time...sweety....the only problem area in ur idea i felt was that u were lying down and feeding and any fluid in that position would be wasted due to pull of gravity and force applied by ur son..would have been better experience if you would been in a sitting or a semi sitting position with ur back rested with a slight tilt.... for him to get a better suckle harder,faster and better without the milk getting spilled all over..anyhow I appreciate ur effort and hope that..u will keep experimenting the different ways..... :)

WHy don't you suggest some more idea??

Very hot very sexy may be try talking a bath and letting him have milk as well

Interesting idea. What was the thought behind this? I guess you are trying to experience different sensations. Sounds like your stepson is very much gotten used to nursing from you, who wouldn't. Has your milk increased since you started nursing him next to your baby. I guess is has quiet a bit. Would love to know how much longer you are planning on nursing since one day your little one would wean off naturally.

I'm planning to feed him till he finish his school...yes my milk production increased

Thanks for sharing with me. Just sounds like he is becoming a handful with biting and all. I love the feeling of nursing so i know were he is at and he is just a boy.