My Cute Experience :)

I love you guys..I got very great good response for last experience so I decided to share my other experience which I had few month ago. Which I do remember each and every moment of that experience. Now I've stopped feeding my stepson fully.

It was nice experience but I felt it was not good so I had not posted it but now I'm posting it to know your view about it...hope you won't get annoyed by it ..:)

It was at beginning of my breastfeeding experience where I had fed my stepson for two three times only so my stepson was not so comfortable wit me while breastfeeding . As I told you earlier my stepson was not considering me as his mom but after breastfeeding he was considering me as his mom. It was early time where my baby was only four five month old and I was 23.

That weekend I , my stepson and my baby had been to movie. I think that movie was agneepath. It was a bollywood movie. I like the movie but my stepson got very much afraid by seeing the villan sanjay dutt . He got very afraid from him. He was really bit scary in the movie. Later on we had dinner together and went to our home. On the way too my stepson was quite and when I asked him why he told me the villan was scary to him.

Later on we reached our home. I then prepared to sleep . It became late and I went to my room and my stepson went to his room to sleep. Everything was alright then I heard my stepson shouting for me loudly. I quickly went to see what happened , in his room I saw was shivering in fear.

I asked him what happened. He then told that in dreams he say that villan sanjay dutt. He was very much afraid. I didn't knew what to do i.e. to laugh or cry. I then tried to calm him. But he was shivering and was catching my hand. I then clearly explained him that its just a movie and nothing is true or real. He got bit courage and so I said him good night and went to my room.

As I was about to sleep , my stepson came to my room and started to say that he wanted to sleep wit me in my room. He was again afraid. I said ok to sleep wit me. We then tried to sleep. My stepson was not getting any sleep only. He was catching my hand and trying to sleep but not able to .

After few min or so he again woke me up and started to say that he is not gettidg any sleep and getting bad sleep. I didn't knew what to do . I then asked him to close to me and not to get afraid. But still he was not getting any sleep. I then thought for a while and thought of feeding him so that he could get sleep.

I then slowly opened button of my night dress and opened my breast. It was dark and my stepson couldn't see my breast. I then asked my stepson to suck my breast and to sleep while sucking it. He said ok and came close to me. He then started to suck me. He started to bit my nipple and milk started to flow. He was biting me bit hard so I was not getting any sleep. Within few min he emptied my breast. Instead of sucking my other breast he continued sucking my empty breast only. He was sucking my dry breast for about 15 min or so then slowly his biting became slower and slower . By this I came to know that he was sleeping . Soon then within few seconds his biting stopped fully meaning that my stepson was fully slept.

I didn't wanted to wake him again so I didn't removed my breast from his mouth. I allowed it to be in his mouth for whole night and I too slept soon.

WHen I woke up in morning I saw that nipple was still in his mouth only. Then slowly I removed my nipple from his mouth and carried on my daily activities.

It is not my great experience but it was a good experience. Hope you liked it. It was my sweet and cute breastfeeding experience with my stepson.

Comment on whatever you feel about it .



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what is the age of your step son now?

Hi, been a long time.. Thnx fr sharing this wonderful experience..

Revered Riya mom or shamita maa,i thy old et sincere swami-son is prostrating you for thy sweet et healthy milI am sending this message from my micromax doodl2phone,by thy grace only,okay.amen in thy service thy innocent

Great story riya ...!!!

Ur stories r very good and I'm a great fan of u....


How do you feel when your breast are being sucked


Add me please


This is something I have not coem across before. How old was your step-son?

Keep it up

I Love Your Stories Also Thanks yummy

thnks for comment guys

I am much older and wish I could find some one that would breast feed me. Not as a sexual gesture but as a nuturing fullfilling one. If any one out there is willing to help, I would greatly appreciate it.
Your stories have inspired me with hope that an angel will come my way.

Thank you

thnks your stories...plz write

ya sure...u just support me i will upload

its reaally great riya mom............ he is so lucky


Woow Riya I miss you..

i want u to make me sleep that way too ..

so great work you have done thanks very much

Motherly affection n lots of love that u have for your kids is shown in this experience

A very wonderful,great, nice and magnificent experience,

Motherly......this is the best experienced you have shared!!!!!!!!!!


Your step son is lucky to have you.

O mom, it is a very good,wonderful,beautiful and unforgettable experience to me, too.really u r a very nice and loving breastfeeding mom,

keep enjoying :)

I love your stories and thank you for sharing them with us. I do wonder at 13 he is at the age of sexual awakening. What will you do when he begins to get aroused while he is suckling you?

great story...keep it up

so riya u r not going to listen any more so i think that ur now prone to it n it u that u r not being able to understand the circumstances dear ,,....!

nice story although i disapprove nursing 13yr old boy and he's taking the advantage of you again always. he wanted to sleep with you so he can be nurse again. now if you were to nurse me tha

if you were to nurse me that is a different story. when will you share your breasts with us? i love to see your breasts??


your are a great stepmom! There is too much love flowing out from you!


I liked it. You show great compassion and love. I can see how comforting that would be to your son and even to an adult like me. Thank you for sharing.


Good experience but think about my request.

there is a major issue in your life..


your step son is in growing stage. he will remember his childhood. i want you to take care.

Warm and carrying for sure. Your stepson is a lucky kid to be able to call you mom.
It is not our right to judge your decision to calm him down with breast feeding. The
end result was that he fell asleep and calmed down from being scared.
You are doing fine. But remember to make sure your stepson does not take advantage of you.

ya i will make sure of it

fine story. but it didnt came up to your usual standard...I'm a bit depressed...I know you will overcome it next time

its real ok

I know its real...Thank you for your story

you have done as the situation is... you efficiently handled it.
thank you for making me ur friend.... but not able to view ur photo album.




Sounds wonderful.


:) Of course.

I wanna be ur stepson
lucky he was to breastfeed from beautiful woman like u

u cant ....


Wish I had a step mom like u

oh i am sorry...

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would love to be your stepson !!


to be as close to you as he is !!

as long as you feel comfortable, i have optimistic opinion in this issue.


are you satisfied with my answer?
i do not find any **** in your habit. many do ..
but you told very frankly..


What Have you done?

Very sweet of you!

can u come to , we can talk on this, i am online

nno sorry

where is your husband?

he his out of town for bussiness purpose

do you have any sister younger or older
does she ever come to your house?

ha they come once while in my home

u r doing a good job , but give him courage also , he will become a mom boy then


riyya how old is you stepson?


13 month or year


What a great way to comfort him and make him feel secure!


Hi Riyya, I think it was very generous of you to feed him from ur breast though he is ur stepson. Its really nice...and did u feel nice about it Riyya?