First Time so going to describe the way i feel of robotrippin...i feel like swirl of pink and purple that blends into a calming blue. weird way describe myself right? this stuff is way trippy...heres my story. so my friend that just moved to texas robotripped and he sounded so in his own world, so my friend julien and i were like dude lets do it! so we went to staters and we got the robitussin i stole one and he bought one. we went up to this old burnt down house up in the mountains where i live and he had such a hard time drinking this stuff he is like gaging every little sip so he decides to trace it with the slurpee we had bought. he downs like half of it and then im like dude julien im about to show up dawg! so i literally chug the bottle that i stole like its no big deal and he says he hates me and what not am i anywho i go over to my friends sisters house and i smoke a bowl and then after i get down with that i go upstairs and julien is getting his nose pierced!! this is when it started to kick in. i just kept thinking about how weird it looked when the gage went into his nose. i thought of his nose being space and the gage being a spaceship and the spaceship just like ripped through space and the next thing i know im in this girls bathroom looking at my friend holding a tissue up to his nose because its bleeding so bad. then i dont really remember much until i left and we went on a walk and we walked to her friends house and we just kept spinning and stuff it was werid it felt like every time i turned i was falling into a vortex and i would just have the craziest views on life and our arms felt like a third dimension and ever thing was just freaking weird and strange, but i totally got the impression that it was just meant to be. then the next thing i remember driving felt so weird, like there was a magnetic ball in everyone of the corners and no matter what i did i could just stay in the corner, like a spark had just connected with me and would no tlet me go, i felt so freaking safe driving its ive been listening to the same song on repeat but its totally the perfect song for right now man, oh dude there were these people on this walk it was crazy! i was talking all ******* crazy to my friend and i accidentally blocked their they were listening to me say these crazy things and then they said, hey next time dont block the driveway and i was like omg i am so sorry i didnt even realize i did that to you guys....then the guy standing there was just like no problem man **** happens no biggie...then i was thinking to myself, its way to ******* late for them to be out on their front lawn and it was just sooo freaking weird that they were sitting on their front lawn at 11 at night, totally mind ****** me. i honestly dont even know what i did tonight its weird, such a life changing moment though its weird! anywho, this is me robotrippin
ravenamepurple ravenamepurple
18-21, M
Jul 29, 2010