This is what I learned

 Since I was a very small child.  Sometimes, as an adult, it can be embarrassing.  I do it without thought or even noticing.

I have asked several health care professionals, they have all told me the same thing.  It's a nervous habit.  Since it began at such a young age, it is suspected that I used rocking to make myself feel better, for security, and as time went by, it became habit.

It has been likened to things such as nail biting, foot tapping, knee bouncing, knuckle popping..... in essence, all those odd things that people do when they have emotions, worries or whatever, churning inside.... maybe without resolution, until the habit formed.

Hope this helps someone :)

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Please take the time to refer to my post on the story 'I ROCK BACK AND FORTH WHILE LISTENING TO MUSIC'.

Rocking works really well for me because I'm an artist. Sometimes the project you are given is just so overwelming that you need to find some means of comforting yourself before doing the work. Like I said before, rocking works well for me, especially when I'm thinking about something. <br />
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Plus it's better then taking drugs. A lot of people I know take drugs to feel better because of the stress from work and school. i feel somewhat lucky that all I need to do is rock back and forth to get my high. I don't need to drink, I don't need to smoke. I can do without all those things because of this secret weapon I have called rocking. <br />
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plus you must embrace who you are as a person. Find out what you want to do and make that your number one priority. Rocking will always be there.

Are you a creative person?

Not mad at all. It has been a frustration to me all my life. I began asking questions when I as 17. I am glad I kept getting the same answers, it at least put my mind to ease that I was not simply a nut case :)

Don't be mad, I understand this.