Can't Get Enough...

You know when you have an itch right in the mid-part of your lower back and it’s strategically placed, just in “that” spot you can’t reach. You stretch your arms every which way you can, yearning to relieve the energy with just a little scratch. Finally, after several failed attempts you get it! You exhale with satisfaction. Yes, you found it! I started climbing a year ago. I remember I took an introductory class. I had an expectation of what it would be like, but soon found out I had no idea. I quickly realized the complexity and self-dependency climbing required. I have never been one to itch away from a challenge, especially one that facilitated personal development. So, a year later, when I am not climbing I dream about it. I go to the gym and get outside any opportunity I have. I catch myself desiring to become a better climber. I don’t think it’s too off to say—climbing is a lifestyle. I have come to appreciate the personality of a climber. Nestled in urban Chicago, my gym is more like a community. There is a respect and commandeer people share. I think it is representative of the values inherently developed by climbing. Somewhere between loving climbing and life are these deep roots that produce a sort of humbleness and compassion. Climbing mystifies me. I am constantly discovering something new each time I get on the rocks. There is something about it, which grounds you. It takes you back down from the constant anxiety produced by a fast moving world. In that sense climbing becomes meditative. I used to think, I wish I had found climbing sooner. Then one trip I told myself, “today you climb—live that.” A satisfaction was produced from this sudden shift in perspective. Own life and live with purpose and intent. Define your own interpretation of success and live in the now. Scratch…I found it.
sarahclimber sarahclimber
22-25, F
Oct 10, 2007