It's What I Wear At School. For Now...

I have been to afraid my wear my hair completely natural for my entire childhood. Sadly I had been picked on for it when I was younger and it left an effect on me.

My mom kept my hair natural and in braids or kinky twists.  Now my hair is longer.  Just long enough to put into two decent sized afro-puffs.

I love them!  They frame my face beautifully and bring out my eyes.  They have also brought back a lot of my self-confidence.  Now that I can go around with ease in my puffs without too much maintenance.

But I think it's about time to sport my afro in public.
XxJamberxX XxJamberxX
18-21, F
2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

Stay real tuff in your afro puffs!

Well, i speak from experience go for it. It is very liberating to be yourself and it is easier to take care of lol. Make sure you get some moisturizer products to but in your hair like cream or spray. You can also wash it as every day if you like. Comb it when it is wet, for it is easier to comb and get a pic to comb it. Buy good paraben and sulfur free shampoo and conditioner also, so your hair will have less chemicals in it and will not dry out fast. Remember to grease your scalp like at least everyday. then you should be set gurl.


Thank You :)