I Have Been Made To Be My Wife's Sex Slave/servant

I am 45 years old and we have been living this lifestyle ( femdom) for about the last 10 years, with some growing pains and ups and downs. My reason for sharing my story is, that I wish to connect with men that are also living this lifestyle, share thoughts and feelings on the challenges of living like this in a commited marrage. I do not mean to be ignorant, but I do not wish to waste my time with those who only talk, I want those who walk the walk. My reason for diong this is also to learn to be a better more humble slave in the presence of my Mistress/wife! I would very much like to have the opportunity to share this experinece with others as I believe in this lifestyle very much and want to share it with other is a very personal NON-sexual way! I want to hear your stories on the challenges you have faced, how you both choose to live it , and share thoughts on how to make it more real and better for all!

If I had my way they would offer a school to attend for all husbands, and they would be forced to attend, too bad that will never happen! However I would like to do all that I can to respectfully advance this lifestyle. I do not have any desire what so ever to meet women in any way shape or form. I have a Mistress and my ****, balls and *** are hers to do as she wishes with for the rest of my life. I am under contract to her, and I would rather truly die than to break this contract, and what it means to my slave soul. I feel on the deepest of levels that only she and she alone can ever release me from this contract period. I know that this may seem crazy, but I take this more serious than you can imagine, being her property and under contract to her. I tell you this only to give anyone wishing to share with me, the reality on how serious this is for me personally, so as to not waste your time or mine!

So fellow slave out there, the real ones, let the sharing begin!
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I look forward with anticipation every night when I enter the Bedroom...I must be totally naked but she may leave her clothes on as she pleases. I then have to put my head on the side where her feet are..and give her a foot massage for as long as she desires it. as I like being dominated by my wife ( she is slim & sexy ) and younger than me...my penis hardens once I start massaging her feet, calves, thighs and some times am allowed to play with her vagina but only through her panties. She will twitch her feet to wake me up if I doze off..so I have to resume the servicing of my wife. When I plead with her to let me sleep..she commands me to keep massaging her and says I can only stop when she has fallen asleep ! When I do stop when she has not completely asleep..she wakes up and commands me to continue. All this activity drains me and makes me tired during the day ! I long for the moment i have to enter our bedroom every night ! Sometimes of few drops of my precum spews out but she says I am not allowed to ********** but wait for the day I am allowed to **** her ! Sometimes its weeks or even more than a month before she allows me to penetrate her...when she does allow me...its so awesome..as its a pent up feeling which is allowed to be released only when she has given me permission to penetrate her. Penetration is on her terms....she will look at the clock and command me to come at a prescribed time...or give me a minimum time to thrust her withholding my *********** till she allows it. I have named myself as the Bedroom Slave which she likes very much as it enhances her control over me. She had an affair once which she says she never actually allowed her lover to penetrate her...I forgave her for that affair but that has made her even more Powerful as she demands that if I don't do as she wants she will find another lover. She will talk about how her lover licks her whilst I am ******* her or being ****** by her (I like to be under her !) We talked about a ********* but I don't think we can actually do that in reality. She commands me not to call her if she does not answer her mobile phone for a few hours as she will be with another man ! I crave that my wife finds another lover and forces me to accept that I am to accept her behavior and be her Bedroom Slave for all Eternity !

Yes, I am too slave to my wife. It happened and no way out. She tightened her grip calmly and she finally told me I am her slave and she owns me.

I am too. Truly her slave

Be thankfull she is guiding you, you still have a chance to be the person she wishes. Not all wives talk as freely as yours. Most guys would die to have it so easy. She could just cut you off altogether the way so man wives do when their husbands don't please them. The way she wants you makes me think she needs more than what you have to offer, are you a shortie or pencil ****? She loves you dearly. If you really love her you can be chaste, but you must overcome your selfish desire to satisfy yourself without her being a part of it. Yes, chastity is best in your case, because you don't have the willpower. Accept being submissive in her way, the alternative which most guys have is no sex at all. you are lucky to have her. You must confess to her that you jerked off. She will be prouc of you and it will give you a sense of satisfaction. Take my word for it, she expects you to. Good luck, be her wussy you obviously deserve it- shorty!

Just now discussing this life style with my wife of 23 years. She told me lastnight, as I used a ***** on her as I was pleasing her orally that she wants me to be her *****. The past two times we have been intimate she asked me to kiss her butt and tongue her there which I did. Both times after she was satisfied she let me inside her but stopped me before I finished. She stroked me but left me unsatisfied. I was told to not wash my face and she forbid me to **********. Indidnt wash my face but beat off later without her knowledge. Lastnight we talked about chastity for the first time. We are researching devices but don't want to spend a lot because we aren't sure how realistic long term wear really is. <br />
I am willing, but concerned. The idea of her controlling me to such and extent is arousing in fantasy but not sure how it would be IRL. She has talked for a long time about wanting to try to enduce lactation so she can nurse me and used that as an example of how chastity would be useful, keeping me chaste until I bring her milk in through suckling alone. <br />
One last comment, lastnight before we fooled around she had me shave myself. This was difficult and is very uncomfortable today. I'm chaffing and everything is sticking together down there. Is this normal?

Both my wife's sisters are not married and my father-in-law dies a few years ago. My wife's brother is living with a girl who enslaved him and they inspectyed us together one time. I didn't do very well when they milked us both and he gave more *** than i did so i was punished. But he was very nice to me and held me for a while after I was spanked. He is a very nice guy.<br />
<br />
My sister's older sister is dating someone I think but I wold get punished if I asked. For a while she was dating another guy and they made me his ***** but I guess they arent dating anymore because i havent seen him in a while and she slapped me when I asked about him.<br />
<br />
Generally only my wife spanks me but sometimes my mother-in-law will spank me if I misbehave when i am being milked but only my wife uses a belt on me. My wife's younger sister never spanks me because she says that it teaches sissies the wrong lesson. I like her. My wife's older sister used to hurt me alot but she does less so ever since she got caught using nipple clips on me without my wife's permission. She still hits me sometimes though and kicks me and when she is doing an inspection on me she will pull on my balls very hard so that i sometimes cry.<br />
<br />
I am very happy living this way. It has taught me that my naked body is for my wife's use and that it is selfish of me to think differently. It also helps me to be a better husband because i have learned how to obey her and when i am good she lets me have sex with her. I am still sad that I probably wont be allowed to be the father of our children but I think that is very selfish of me. like my wife says, no one wants my sissy *****.<br />
<br />
What is your life like?

dose your wifes sister have a man if she dose . Dose he live&love the same way you do? you seem to have a very good life is in onley your wife who spanks you .

I'm like you. It didn't begin this way. When my wife and I first married it was pretty much a traditional relationship. It changed when my wife one time told me during sex that she wanted to spank me. I thought it was kind of kinky but I thought it might be fun. So she spanked me and i kind of enjoyed it. So we kept doing it but when I asked her if I could spank her it was always no.<br />
<br />
Then after a while she would not have sex with me unless I obeyed her. At first it was just in the bedroom and she would tell me if i was bad. If I was she would ***** me naked and spank me and then have me stand in a corner until she said I had been punished. Then sometimes we would have sex or sometimes she would just have me get down on all fours and then she would stroke my penis till I would ***. Or she would milk me.<br />
<br />
From there it progressed to the point where it was not just about sex and when I would come home from work and while we were at home I would be expected to be naked all the time, or maybe it it was cold, just down to my tighty whities - and I am only allowed to wear briefs. from there, if she expected me to do work around the house I would have to wear her panties, bra and sometimes high heels.<br />
<br />
If I refused to do any of this, she would not let me have sex or if she wanted it I would have to be punished first.<br />
<br />
To start I didnt really want any of this but just kept going along with it partly because it kept peace in the house, partly because it was sexy sometimes and partly because I really do love my wife and wanted to make her happy. <br />
<br />
The final turn was that sometimes she would have me stand naked while she would "inspect" me to see how I was "developing." I was 22 when we first got married and i would tell her that I was fully "developed," but she said she didn't care. For a while we went through these "inspections" until one day she said she needed a second opinion and invited her sisters over to inspect me and then her mother! I really ob<x>jected at first but she said that for her the mariage depended on it. I love my wife, and when she allows me to have sex with her it is great and she is otherwise very good to me and caring and loving, so i gave in.<br />
<br />
Since then the rules are that my wife rules, and I have really come to enjoy it. Obeying her makes me a better man and a more attentive husband. When it s time for an "inspection" I am not embarrassed, although when her mom came to "inspect" me one time and I got a hard on I found that was kind of embarrassing, made worse because my wife then punished me in front of her mom. I am still shocked that her mom and sisters are not surprised by all this but my wife says her father and mother related in the same way and so she thinks its not unusual. Her 23 year old brother is also a sex slave to his live in girlfriend who thought it was weird first but now likes it.<br />
<br />
The truth is that I love my wife and i have come to really like living this way. My wife takes care of me and loves me and I feel so close to her. When she punishes me i know it is for my own good and that it makes me better. She has ******** me of my false pride and made me understand her needs better which has made our sex great and our marriage strong. Even the inspections are good as i know that my wife and her family are making sure that I am healthy.<br />
<br />
I never thought I would live this way but i love it. I am telling you all this because my wife told me i could and that makes me feel strong knowing that she supports me in my honesty. This is a good life and I am in love.