An Excellent Chick-Flick And A Box Of Kleenex

usually, i'm not much of a "chick flick" kinda guy.
i have found that most of them are sappy and badly written. the story lines are paper thin and definitely low budget. but occasionally i do come across a good one.
last night i stumbled upon a GREAT, ROMANTIC movie. and i do mean a "MONDO" swell, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine and get comfy kinda flick.
i watched, "Letters to Juliet." i don't know if many folks have seen it but personally, i was absolutely enthralled. i enjoyed it so much that i don't even remember if i had blinked my eyes during the entire 2 hour movie.....
the scenery was remarkable (Italian countryside), the food was to "die for" and the story had a very happy ending... and there i was, "just a' sittin' and a' sippin' " and blubbering my little eyeballs out. (yes ladies, men actually DO cry)
who knew that i would use sooooo many Kleenex?
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I loved that movie. I happy upon it one day saw half of it and wanted to see the entire movie. I got the opportunity and it was so cute, warm and romantic. As for post, there's so much I feel I could learn from an older man that's been there and done that.

Maybe I should give that movie a chance. I don't generally do "chick flicks" either.

oh yeah, plz do.
Vanassa Redgrave, Amanda Seyfried and some UK guy were the principal actors. it's a story about an older woman who is searching for a guy named Lorenzo Bartolini. she fell in love with him 60 years earlier, when they were teenagers. she became afraid of her emotions and ran back to England, got married and became a widow. she never had forgotten about her first love and burst of hormones.
while on Vaca' in Verona, Italy, she wrote and left a love note at the old homestead of Juliet Capulet. (Patron Saint of "unrequited love" and...... super bingo)
the City of Verona actually employs secretaries to answer those who leave love letters tucked into cracks between the bricks.
WELL............ the old woman, "Claire" along with her grandson, finds the secretary who answered the note. the grandson is dead set against the idea and grumbles and mumbles the whole time (after being outvoted) while he is driving ALL over Tuscany looking for ALL of the Lorenzo Bartolini's that live in the Italian countryside....
i'm getting writers cramp telling of this.
TRUST ME.... U will LOVE this flick!
maybe it can be clicked up and watched on the puter'.
if U do find it... grab some wine, popcorn and a box of Kleenex.

I will put it on my list.

I like most of the sappy, poorly written, low budget ones so I'll be sure to love this one!! Thanks for sharing!! :D