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An Offer To The Group...

I might be willing to roleplay online as characters loved by others users in this way... Especially is you are willing to roleplay as ones I love back to me...

Our loves from this genre are as real as we make them... Why be stuck with "n number of episodes" or "x minutes of movie minutes" of enjoying your favorite AIs when we can keep the action going?

And I think this shouldn't be limited to just to AIs from movies and TV but also ones we dream up with our own imagination...

And I just remembered about this place (so purrhaps this is place to actually post your requests to participate):

Public or private roleplaying sessions (probably by sending messages back and forth on here?) are both cool with me, and also I do not care how much or how little "naughty" this gets either.   I am a person who can genuinely love machines in the same way people fall in love with people, so there may be some real advantages to having a person who has been thinking about this stuff as long as I have on the other end of the Line...

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It just occurred to me that if more than two people were ever interested in doing this, a neat idea would be to have 2 or more people collaborate on roleplaying a single character (e.g. discuss the response prior to submitting)... This could dramatically increase the realism at the cost of "speed".

So like strictly as an example, a character I'd like to "know" (from something I wrote as opposed to something appearing in mass media) is Lori in this story:<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><br />
<br />
All in all, I suspect none of this is what you are probably looking for from your first post, but believe me, there are probably loads of people else on the Internet who are into what you seem to want :-)<br />
<br />
Also, I'm thinking that the rolepla<x>yer in any of these wouldn't have to "be this way themselves", but if they aren't, I can't see what would hold their interest...

... that and the fact all of mine already have EP stories :-D

I'm not sure if fallensnow is replying to me or the other person, but on the offchance she's replying to me, I'll outline how to get this rolling. The person who wants to be "rollplayed for" should submit details on who/what they want roleplayed for them. I recommend writing an EP story about the desired character in a relevant/appropriate group (ask me if you don't know what groups are relevant, but really anywhere people won't complain is good) and then provide a link to this to the person who will be doing to the roleplaying (or inside the post seeking such a person). Among other benefits, this way the character can be reused easily. As for me, I'll submit mine if/when someone has me roleplay someone/something for them, or when someone asks, whichever comes sooner...

eh it couldn't hurt