cause W and the Neo-Cons did nothing to constrict personal freedom, privacy and security


**** professional politicians

**** all you small-minded partisans who actually think you understand the world of politics

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13 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Maybe I'm being a bit dense this morning, but I'm not sure I quite grasp the meaning of your post.<br />
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Whoever started this group seems to have had difficulty spelling, irreversible, so I'm not surprised if they also don't quite comprehend what socialism is. Or capitalism, for that matter.<br />
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That President Bush and the neo conservatives did an excellent job of dismantling the regulatory arm of our government, that they took us perilously close to an imperial presidency, that they eroded our rights, and did a wonderful job of creating so many more enemies than we had before, is where I solidly come to rest.<br />
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Senator Bernie Sanders is a Socialist. Ron Paul is a conservative on the other end of the spectrum. I admire both and both have a disdain for neo conservatives.<br />
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And why are we damning TheBlimey?

Great story! Obama is only as socialist as bush was fascist.

Twas indeed, everyone took it so seriously and went nuts and we were giggling on Skype the whole time. We're baaaaad.

I had one a couple of weeks back, but it didn't beat shenanigans night.

Hahaha true, true.<br />
But it is kinda fun watching you in an argument.

Wow, I'm sorry, I kinda hijacked this thread with nothing relevant, ooooopsy.

Hehehehehehehe it's kinda telling that my mind instantly went to the gutter just now isn't it.

I'm good at working out time differences too ;)

Why damn me?

It does if we're trying to assign roles for some kind of skit involving talking sports equipment.

All the -ings.

What kind of outdoor stuff?

Now that's my kind of political argument!<br />
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Where have you been, my friend?