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Cute Girl, Crowded Train

I had that happen on the subway and didn't even realize it at first. It was crowded and i ended up against this cute girl's ***, pressing in. Once I realized the situation I started to get a bit hard. Not wanting to get kicked off or arrested, I moved back the little bit that I could. Then she moved her *** back to once again be pressed against me. Of course, as soon as I realized she was intentionally doing this, I got even harder. She was swaying back and forth a bit while lightly rubbing against me at the critical point, then she pressed even more against me and was actually clenching and unclenching her cheeks to stimulate me more. It felt pretty incredible. At one point she looked over her shoulder and gave kinda a sweet smile. Then it was her stop and she brushed past me rather slowly with her hip as she exited and smiled again. I honestly think if she had been on for one more stop I would have exploded...
JMeehan JMeehan 41-45, M 9 Responses Dec 13, 2010

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I have never had the experience of a girl clenching my **** with her bum. Gonna have to talk to the gf ...

Your're a lucky guy.

that's awesome. how fun! couldn't ask for a better experience.

hot story on both parts

u shld hv got off wit her.... dint u c her again in the train ????

Sounds like me!

It was great, and almost even better. Though it would have involved some clean up, I really would have liked to finish for her...

Oh, is that f-ing hot!

that's so inspiring! i hope more women will read this and take that advantage! thanks for sharing a hot story! i just wish it happened to me!