I Rubbed Up Against Her ***

I was on my way home--was it a Friday?  Could've been.  The subway was crowded.  I was tired.  I was horny.  I found myself holding onto the overhead bar behind a cute asian woman.  Even more people got on the train.  I found myself pressed up against her round ***.  It's hard to be pressed up against a round *** (pun intended) and not have some reaction.  I had the reaction.  The swaying of the train produced a rubbing of my penis across her roundness.  I could feel my penis growing--I couldn't stop it.  I was pressed from all sides.  My penis situation was getting serious.  The subway car swayed and lurched again and again.  I pretty much had a hard-on at this point.  Almost involuntarily (and I stress "almost") my penis gave a liberating twitch.  She felt it.  She jerked foward.  She looked into the dark window.  She moved her *** back into position.   Ahhh.  I rubbed my penis against her round *** for two more stops.  She got off.  I had almost gotten off in my pants.  I walked home, and, well, you know what I did after that.

cowman1 cowman1
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3 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Cowman1 very hot story. She obviously enjoyed it and I think we can be pretty sure she jilled off afterwards too. Lots of girls like being the cause of an erection if only for the validation.

Guys have been socialised to be embarrassed at having inappropriate public erections. There is no such thing as an inappropriate erection! We should be proud of each and every one. Show the girls what we've got is what I say; after all thats what they do.

On a local inventors program, this guy came on with erection disguising under pants. It had a sort of a pocket that you put your penis in and stopped trouser bulge. How wrong is that? If he comes across a girl like yours she wont be able to feel anything!

Drunkgirlmarie, you are really smoking in that photo! This sort of thing has happened to me, kinda by accident too. I sure wouldn't mind a subway ride where I got crammed against your fine ***. I'm pretty<br />
certain you'd find yourself with a massive hardon between your cheeks.

This story is so hot! You've got me fantasizing so many scenarios with strange men on buses!