Wearing A Rubber Hood

I have come to like wearing a hood over my head. You can see me in my translucent rubber hood in my profile picture. I also have a leather hood, a black one of heavy rubber, two neoprene hoods, one latex and one gas mask hood in neoprene. My favorites by far are the two heavy rubber hoods. There is a sensual intensity to sliding a thick rubber hood over my head and zipping it or buckling it tight, depending on the hood. Keeping my head shaved makes it even better to wear one. I put a special silicone lube on my skull to get into the rubber, then I spend a couple of hours just zoned out in my personal space.
I grew to like my hoods so much I have tried sleeping in them at various times. I invite you to check out my other entry regarding my efforts to sleep wearing a hood.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

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