Not Alone...

CrisstalClear CrisstalClear
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1 Response Jan 12, 2013

Great saying of Rumi,What is in the within is in the without.We are micro of that macro,one just need to look in to see that truth.

Leaving all old perceptions I go deeper knowing without seeing now, it pulls
me in, it pulls me high now that all emotion is almost gone, my
being flying swiftly inward, inward to the whole....I am free now, so free to
finally see that my breaking was just an awakening, an awakening that was
a long time coming.....wise one we have higher heights to soar even beyond
this current door...lets us go in yet even more. ~ Blessings to you wise one~

what do you mean by emotions,when you score higher there is no one and there is no emotion,just you alone,on the peaks

we need to skype soon...wise one so we can share more of that borrowed


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