Still Wet The Bed

I am glad that it is summer as my wife keeps me in diapers and plastic panties and maybe a t shirt or t top around the house and when we go some place usualy whithe shorts that will show my diapers at the waist and some times peaking out the leg let alone the bulge. I am sitting out on the porch right now and am in thick cloth diapers and some cute pink nursery pring plastic panties and my wife and friends are inside talking and stuff. I am 23 now and have become kind of a sissy and probably allways was as my Mom used to put me in girls underwear when i was 8 through 11 and I got to like it.
jimmys22 jimmys22
22-25, M
3 Responses May 22, 2012

Does your wife change you when needed? Obviously her friends know about you so do you get changed in front of them? Do they change you? Can we be friends?

It seems to work for both of us some how and I am still wetting most nights at 22

your wife must like having a sissy baby to keep in diapers while she has her friends to hang out with you just go off on your own and sit on the porch i hope you enjoy being in that situation and hope your wife loves to be with you and not just using you for some fun it seems like a different kind of relationship

Yes it is but really nice for me as lucky to finbd a good looking women to marry a bed wetter

thats so awesome you are very lucky to be with a good looking woman that likes having you in diapers i would like that too