My Baby Bunnykins

This is my baby, I have wrapped him up like a newborn as he is so little inside.

He wears a 60 x 60 terry nappy with 2 24 x 24 real baby nappy's as soakers.

I breast feed him often during the day and I am now taking Domperidon to induce milk for him.

If anyone wants to be treated like a baby then come and visit our holiday nursery.

Here he is on the potty with my friend feeding him his bottle while we all laugh at him.

This is a real baby's potty that we take everywhere so he can try before being put into his terry nappy's
NannyAn NannyAn
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5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Where is the nursery?

what a lucky lil guy! smiles

Well you are a baby and you shouldn't feel any shame, baby's don't understand embarrassment. Now next time you will use the potty instead of your nappy's when you wet. Then you won't have to wear them any more.

so cute love the potty chair

Oh mummy, I didn't know you put these pictures of me up, hangs head in shame.
I was good for Nanny Ben.