A Long Time Ago

When I was a kid I became very upset and ran away from home. Took off on my bicycle. had enough smarts to hide from my parents. Was dumb though in that I told my sister I was running away before I did it.

Even more dumb was I hid on the next street over cause I knew my parents would come to look for me. I should have gone through the dirt path that cars couldn't get down.

I didn't have a very well thought out plan. I figured I would ride my bike to my grandparents---who lived only about 1750 miles away with no money in my pocket.

I guess it was a good thing that my parents spotted me hiding since if I had successfully eluded them I probably would have starved to death on my way to my grandparents.

And even if I had been successful I don't know what they would have done for me other than turning me back over to my parents.
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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

Lol, I also did something similar, I ran away from my gran, hoping to get back to my mum, I was walking and the local head master saw me and took me home in the car, man was I in trouble though, I never did it again :o)